THE FINAL IS THURS. 6/10 at 8:00.
Review slides: The file was too big so I emailed it to everyone instead- check your email of you are looking for the review slides.
Review Sheet:

For Tues 6/8
Finish your assigned review slides if you didn't finish in class:
Sample slides:

For Fri 6/4
1. Finish the Protest Music project (assignment file on Vietnam page)
2. Current Events Quiz (Emily)

For Wed. 6/2
Matching quiz on Vietnam terms (see sheet from class- know the things in the blanks!)

For Fri. 5/28
Current Events Quiz (Jake, Nate)

For Wed. 5.26
Finish the Civil Rights Timeline work (including answering all the questions and watching and summarizing 2 video segments).

File to use to answer the Timeline Questions: external image x-zip.png EyesPrizeTimeline.pages

For Thurs 5/20
WW2 Quiz:

For Tuesday 5/18
1. Current Events Quiz (Sam & Eric)
2. Be ready for our Atomic Bomb graded discussion- read your Option packet carefully!

For MONDAY 5/10
WW2 Atomic Bomb reading Qs.

For Thurs. 5.6
No new HW due

For Tues. 5/4
1. Current Events Quiz (Sarah's & Sean's)
2. Obama Recovery stuff:

Links for Obama's Stimulus Plan Work:

For # 1 t

For # 2
For # 3
For # 4 use the article on the back of the handout

For Fri 4/30
Cinquain Poem- printed for class.

For Wed. 4/28
Finish the Women's Suffrage worksheet (the back).

for Wed. 4/14
Imperialism & WWI quiz. Study using yellow review sheets as guide. Review sheet and review jeopardy are posted here

for Mon. 4/12
1. WWI reading/questions: Questions: Reading:
2. Current Events Quiz (Chris, Alex)

For THURS. 4/8
Imperialism packet- do the everything except the first and last pages (everything except Hawaii and Panama Canal). Here are the links you need:
YouTube - Annexation of Hawaii
US State Department - Annexation of Hawaii (text)
How Stuff Works - America Becomes a World Power
HippoCampus - Spanish-American War (click on "Start Topic")
HippoCampus - Panama Canal (click on "Start Topic")

For Wed. 3/31
Immigration Reform

"The Right Way to Mend Immigration," Washington Post link

Immigration Reform Video - Wall Street Journal

For Mon 3/29
No hw

For Thursday 3/25
Current Events Quiz (Read & Kyle)
Finish the notes on everyone's keynotes- there will be an open-note quiz in class. The keynotes are posted here

For Tuesday 3/23
Finish your project- see details here

In class 3/17 and for Fri 3/19
Notes for 4 sources for your topic on project- see details here

For 3/17
1. Read the article about the legacy of Sitting Bull at this link. Come to class prepared to discuss: Should Native American artifacts in museums be given back to the tribes? Why or why not?
2. Read the article, Learning Lakota (handed out in class). If you could ask a Lakota student today two questions, what would they be?

For 3/15:
No new hw- if you were absent last class be sure to read the email from me.

For 3/11
Current Events Quiz (Mariah & Mary)

For 3/3
Finish the DBQ on Indian Removal

For Mon 3/1
Reconstruction Quiz- study. Review Sheet:

For Thurs. 2/25
Plessy Questions (yellow sheet handed out in class). It is the last page of this file:

For Thurs. 2/11
Current Events Quiz (McKenzie's presentation)

For Tues. 2/9
Current Events Quiz (Madison's & Carlie's presentations)

For Fri. 2/5
Fill in the Questions on the back of the Reconstruction sheet. Your responses should be based on your assigned role (the colored half sheet).

For Wed. 2/3
Study for Civil War Test:

Review Jeopardy:

For Mon. 2/1
Glory Questions
Civil War Unit Test will be Wed. 2/3:

For Thurs 1/28
Questions on Women/Mainers in the Civil War:
Here is the link you need for th elast part:;n_id=4;album_id=6519;supst=StudentGallery

For Tues 1/26

Civil War Battles

Links to complete homework:

July 1861First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)
September 1862Battle of Antietam
July 1863The Gettysburg Campaign
November 1864General William T. Sherman’s March to the Sea

For Wed. 1/13:
Do the research portion (last page) of the Abolition Notes (last page of the packet handed out in class- the file is here below the links)

Harriet Tubman

Sojourner Truth

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Elijah Lovejoy

Sarah Grimke

Theodore Weld

Search for quote here:

For Mon. 1/11
No hw.

For Thurs. 1/7
Lewis and Clark journal assignment.
Here is the link to the site you need:
Here is the assignment:

For Fri 12/18


For Thurs. 12/10
You need to have your presentation planned. You will give a practice presentation in class Thursday. See this keynote for guidance on what to include:

For Tues. 12/8
Draft of Policy Recommendation:

For Fri. 12/4
Entire Alternative Solutions assignment

For Wed 12/2
You should have 1 Alternative Policy done:
external image msword.png AlternativeSolutions09.doc

For Mon 11/30
No HW due

For Mon 11/23
external image msword.png SupremeCourtCase.doc

For Thurs. Nov 19
Step 1. Add your Issue Overview and Relevant Law assignments in separate entries on your public policy blog.
Step 2. Add a new entry titled "Midpoint Reflection." For this entry, look at the feedback you have received on your assignments so far and then respond to these two prompts:
• To this point, list two things you have done well in your work on public policy.
• Looking forward, list two specific things that you need to continue to work on and/or research in order to have a fuller understanding of your topic.

For Tues. Nov 17

For Fri. Nov 13
Executive Action: external image msword.png ExecBranchData09.doc

For. Tues Nov 10
Data Collection:external image msword.png DataCollection09.doc

For Fri Nov 6:
Relevant Law assignments: external image msword.png Law08.doc

For Wed. Nov 4
No new HW- catch up if needed!

For Mon. Nov 2:

Issue Overview Essay. Here is the exemplar- be sure to double space it when you print it:
For Tuesday, Oct. 27 - read 1/2 of your article, filling out the template as you go...
In class Tuesday, Oct. 27 - you will have class time to read and continue your work and you will be asked to finish reading your article and completing your template for homework.
For Thurs., Oct. 29 - at beginning of class, you should have finished reading your article, completed your template, and have your template printed and ready to hand in.

For Fri 10/23

For Wed Oct 21
Step 2 on the What is Public Policy handout:

For Mon Oct 19
Civics Test
Study Guide:

For Thurs. Oct 15
No hw due

For Tues Oct 13:
1. You should have finished the Preamble project in class Thursday and emailed it to me (template below)
2. Bill of Rights HW (gray packet)

For Thurs Oct 8
In class: Template for the Preamble Project: external image x-zip.png PreambleTemplate.key

For Tues Oct 6
Fill in the chart about Question 1 (same-sex marriage):
Here is the link for YES:
Here is the link for NO:

For Oct 2
No hw.

For Sept 30
Finish the Rev. War Timeline you started in class. There will be an open-notes quiz on the Rev. War.

For Sept 28
Declaration of Independence Questions:

For Sept 24
No hw due

For Sept. 22
Study for Colonial Quiz: external image msword.png ReviewSheet09.doc

For Sept 18
No hw due
There will be a quiz on the Colonial period next Tuesday 9/22

Due Sept 16
Finish the work on Colonization and Settlement (packet handed out in class).

Due Sept. 14
There will be an open-notes (and computer) quiz on the Native American tribes next class.

Due Sept. 10
Prepare for your part in the Native American presentation (see yellow sheet form class and the Native American section on this wiki for specifics).

Due Sept. 8
US Geography Quiz- study! Here are some games that might help:
Some Others to Choose From

Due Sept. 3
About Me assignment: